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Silk Screen Printing

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We Offer Custom Silk Screen Printing! 
    At Proud Owner Design we also offer Silk Screen Printing Services.  Silk Screen Printing is a great choice when printing on dark colored garments or printing large quantities.  We can offer quantities as low as 12 pieces and easily accomidate your larger jobs as well.  We can print images in one color or up to as many as 10 colors and we also offer several special effect ink processes. 

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  Dark Colored Garments                                            

When choosing to print on dark colored apparel Silk Screening is normally the best choice.  Printing with white ink creates a dramatic effect and is very popular today.  If your design has gradient effects or halftone images this is definatley the way to go.  Flourescent ink colors are also very popular on dark colored garments.  Printing on sleeves and pant legs is also a good option for Silk Screen printing. There are many different options when it comes to decorating apparel.  Let our experts help you decide which is the right process for your project.     
Simple Designs for Great Results
    Creating your design for your project doesn't have to be a complex process.  Simple one and two color logos look great on t-shirts and can be very cost effective to print.  With Screen Printing there is a charge for each color used to make the actual screen that we print from.  Each additional color requires another screen to be made.  The best results come from planning your project ahead, choosing the right garment and using the right artwork.  We can assist you in making a simple design that works for your budget and still give you a great looking product! 
 Screen Printing in Multiple Colors                                                     

We can print your image in up to 10 different colors if necessary.  When printing a 4-color process image on a dark colored garment we will normally use a white base underneath to make your image jump off of the shirt with brillant colors.  At times more colors will be needed depending on the look that you require.  You might want to add a flourescent color or a metallic color for a special effect. Your corporate office may require an exact Pantone color match when using their logo.  There are many reasons to use multiple colors and our staff will work with you to make sure you get the best product possible.     

  Printing on Special Types of Garments                       
    Garments that have different colors or different shades of colors are always good prospects for using Silk Screening.  Often these types of garments will require a white base to be put down prior to printing the design to give it the best finished effect.  There are a wide variety of garment options available such as tye die, camoflauge and garments with different shades of colors in them.  Browse through our apparel catalogues on the top left side of the screen to see all that is available and then consult us on the best printing option for that garment.

Silk Screening with Special Effects Inks
There are several types of special effects inks available to use in the silk screening process.  These include Puff Inks, Metallic Inks and Neon or Flourescent Color Inks.  These special effects can produce outstanding results with the right design.  Our staff will be more than happy to quote you prices for these types of printing effects for your project.

          Neon Colors                                                  Puff Inks                                                        Metallic Inks
 Other Applications for Silk Screen Printing
There are many different applications for silk screening as shown in the samples below.  Let us know what your needs are and we will be glad to recomment the best printing process for you.

                     Sweatshirts and Hoodies                                                                  Shorts

                 Pant Legs and Shirt Sleeves                                                                  Tote Bags

              Please Contact Us for more information on your Silk Screening needs.


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