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   We Create Custom Rhinestone Apparel!
   At Proud Owner Design we create Custom Rhinestone Designs for your company, school, club or organization.  The first step is to create the design.  Once the design is created we cut the Rhinestone Templates which are made specifically to your order.  The Rhinestone Templates can be used over and over so that you can order your design in any quantity that suits your needs.
Once the Template is made we fill it with the Rhinestones.  We can then transfer the Rhinestones to just about any garment and many other products in our apparel catalogues.  The Rhinestones come in several different colors to allow us to make multi-color designs.  Rhinestones also known commonly as "Bling" is the most popular trend on the market today. 

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  Rhinestones for Business

   We can make most company logos into Rhinestone designs.  Just send us your logo for a no obligation quote.  The girls in the office will just love these!  Great gift idea for your employees or use them as incentives for extra hard work.  These look very professional and can be worn on the job.  Your customers will surely notice how nice these are.  We have several of our customers that use Rhinestone designs as their daily uniforms.
Rhinestones for Schools
Rhinestone designs on t-shirts and other apparel are a sure-fire money maker for Schools.  Rhinestones are the most popular trend on the market now and the girls and mom's will buy these as soon as you show them.  We can reproduce your school mascot or create individual designs for all of the sports and clubs in the school.  A great addition to any Spirit Store and with our no minimum purchase you can stock your supplies as needed with little to no risk.    

Rhinestones for Clubs and Organizations

   Rhinestone apparel for clubs and organizations is a great way to make your club stand out in a crowd.  We can create your club logo or verbage in a Rhinestone pattern and put it on many different types of shirts and apparel.  These make great fundraisers as well.  Add them to your club apparel store and see what happens.  Your club members will go wild over these!    

Rhinestones Just for Fun!

If you have a special event coming up or just want to convey a message to someone we can put your idea into a beautiful Rhinestone garment to wear.  Just let us know what you would like to create and our friendly staff will make it come to life.  We have lots of stock artwork available or we can create a special design with your instructions.  Browse our apparel catalogues and choose the perfect garment for your design.   

Stock Rhinestone Colors

The pictures below show our stock Rhinestone colors and are available in several different sizes.

      Amethyst Purple     Aquamarine Blue      Citrine Yellow        Crystal Clear AB

      Crystal Clear          Emerald Green            Jet Black        Light Aquamarine Blue

           Orange               Peridot Green           Sapphire Blue              Siam Red

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