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The Newest Technology in T-Shirt Printing is Here! 

At Proud Owner Design we have taken the mess and lengthy set up costs out of T-shirt printing.  Our new Brother GT541 Digital to Garment printer allows us to print directly from our computers right on to the garment.  This process leaves a smooth feeling image on the garment and will not crack or peel like conventional silk screening or iron-on transfers.  It prints a much cleaner and sharper image and can even print over seams, pockets and zippers.   We can print 1 shirt at a time or as many as 1000 which allows us to service any size client.

Contact Us for more information on this service.

  T-Shirt Samples

  T-Shirts for Business                                            

    There is no better way to spend your advertising dollar than to create walking billboards for your company.  People love to get a free T-shirt and will wear it often showing your logo, address, phone number and web site information.  Employees also love to feel that they are part of the team and these can also be used as work uniforms.  Giving a company T-shirt to your customers will also promote customer loyaltyand create repeat business for you.    

 T-Shirts for Schools                        
T-shirts for schools have always been a popular item with the students, fans and parents and are great fund raisers as well.  With our new digital to garment printing process we can now offer more flexibility on ordering fewer shirts and more styles.  These are great ways to promote Team Spirit and can be personalized for every sport and all school clubs.  They make excellent "Fan Wear" when you add the player's name and number on the back side.  Now, every club, band, cheer and even faculty can have their own personalized T-Shirts!   
Events T-Shirts for Clubs and Non-Profit Organizations
Club and Event T-Shirts are always a great way to raise funds for your charities unless of course you order too many and don't sell them all.  There is nothing worse than hosting a fantastic fundraising event and then finding out that you ordered far too many T-Shirts that didn't sell.  We have worked with these types of events for years.  With a proper "Plan of Attack", we can create a program to eliminate this problem and help you generate the most income for your charity with the least expense.  We can also assist you with pre-sold shirts and post event shirts. 
 Picture T-Shirts                                                     

Do you have a picture that would look great on a T-Shirt?  If so, we can help you!  Personalized Picture T-Shirts are a great gift!  They are also a perfect way to show off your hobby.  They make excellent gifts as well for the whole family.  Since we print these with our new digital to garment printer there are no expensive setup costs.  Just send us your electronic file in a high resolution format and we can print these for you.  If you need a little help with your artwork just let us know and our art department will be glad to help you create your design.  These make excellent memorial shirts to honor lost relatives and pets.   

  Other Types of Shirts                       
There are a variety of different types of shirts that we can print on with the digital to garment process.  In addition to our regular Short Sleeve T-Shirts, we can also print on Long Sleeve, Women's, Youth and Pocket T-Shirts.  Our process also works well with Henley Shirts, Raglan Sleeve Shirts, Crewneck and Hooded Sweatshirts.  Digital to garment printing works best on lighter colored garments. 

Sandstone Coasters                                                                    
We can also print on Sandstone Coasters!  These are available in round or square versions.  The Sandstone Coaster is an absorbent material that has a cork liner on the back side.  These make excellent gifts!  They are also a great idea for business as your customer will surely keep it at their desk and see your message every day.  Add a photo and create your own special coasters to match your home decor.  Perfect for family pictures, pets, hobbies and club logos as well.   
 Tote Bags                   
Tote Bags have many different uses.  Give these away to prospective customers at Trade Shows to carry your advertising literature.  They are great for seminar handouts as well.  These can be used as shopping bags or even to carry books to school.  We can print your logo, picture or message on one or both sides of the Tote Bags.  There are a variety of diffent sizes, styles and materials that are available.  These are also a super way to carry your small children's needs or even your pet supplies on those short trips.  They are the perfect size to use as carry on luggage at the airport.

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