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Product Description

Our product is unlike anything that exists in the market today.  It is an automotive accessory designed to protect your car upholstery from damaging elements as well as a functional tool in assisting with people's busy lifestyle.  The 100% cotton terry/velour seat cover will fit over any car headrest and form fit over the seat, protecting the upholstery from stains, odor and perspiration and comes branded with the logo of your choice.  You can choose from officially licensed logos of College Teams, NFL, NBA, Automotive Brands and Armed Forces.  These seat towels are great for protecting you from hot seats in the summer, cold seats in the winter and also perfect for those trips to the beach and pool parties!  It's also a great way to eliminate dog hair from your seats.  Just put it on, take the dog for a ride and then throw it in the washing machine.

The simple design offers a high level of protection without the safety issues associated with common automotive upholstery protectors.  The automotive industry has seen fit to produce cars with airbag deployment points in and around the car seat.  This has developed into a heated debate over the standard car seat cover/seat towel and it's overall occupant safety.  People are weighing their options and choosing safety over upholstery protection.  This problem can easily be remedied as our seat cover has no cumbersome pullovers or straps and will not effect airbag deployment.  It slips over the headrest and grips tight at the base.  When there is a need for airbag deployment, the seat towel will flex and move away, never constricting deployment.

US & International Patent #7,472,953

Live hard!  Play hard!  And don't mess up your car seats!
Protects seats against stains, odors, perspiration, spills, pet dander, scratches & other substances.
Easily slides down over headrest to form fit seat.
Made of 100% cotton terry/velour and is machine washable.

Our patented Seat Armour Car Seat Towel is a must when it comes to automotive accessories.  Protect your car while improving appearance.  Specially designed, elasticized towel opening slips easily over any headrest to fit contour of car seats in any vehicle.  Easy on and off design makes it ideal for use after working out at the gym, for pet owners, a day at the beach, or for drivers and passengers who eat on the go.  Made of high quality 100% cotton terry/velour that's soft to touch.  Available in several colors and logos of your choice!

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