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  Digital & Commercial Printing, Labels and Rubber Stamps
    At Proud Owner Design we offer commercial printing services for any size business.  Whether you need business cards, a full stationary package, postcards, flyers or full color catalogues we can help!  We offer digital and commercial printing services to accomidate your printing needs whether small or large.  Our in house artists can assist you with designing your project or help you create a new logo if needed at very competitive rates.  We also offer self adhesive label printing and rubber stamps.
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  Business Cards
Business Cards are a necessity for your business or organization.  We offer a full line of business card options.  From simple one color business cards to full color with UV Coating we will assist you in picking the right paper and printing process to accomplish your business card needs.  We offer a huge selection of paper stocks and digital and commercial printing options. We offer standard size business cards as well as folded business cards when you need space for a lot of information.  Foil Stamping, Embossing and Raised printing are also available.          

  Letterheads and Envelopes                                            

    Letterheads and matching envelopes give your business that professional look and can be the difference of winning a contract when your mail in your bid.  Your customers will know that they are dealing with a reputable company when they receive your professional looking correspondence in the mail.  We offer many different stationary packages to meet your needs and a great selection of paper stocks to help you achieve the right look for your business.  Our staff will be glad to help you design your stationary package.  We also offer return envelopes, window envelopes, booklet and catalogue envelopes.     

 Carbonless Forms                        
Let us help you design business forms that work for you and that don't cost an arm and leg.  Carbonless forms commonly known as NCR Forms are available in 2-part sets up to 6-part sets to meet your every need.  We can print these types of forms in one color, two colors or even four color process.  Carbonless forms can be printed in just about any size to fit your business needs.  Business forms are an important part of your business and if designed properly can be a very helpful tool in the office as well as the field.  Carbonless forms can be printed in small or large quantities using our digital printing methods.     
Using postcards in your business is a very effective way to convey your message to your prospective clients and very affordable.  Postcards are available in many different sizes and with several paper choices to fit your needs.  We can print your postcards in full color on one side or both sides and can also use UV or Aqueous Coating to protect them and give them a more professional look.  WIth our digital capabilities we can use variable data printing to offer different messages to different types of prospective customers.      
 Rack Cards                                                     

Rack Cards can be used for many different purposes.  These can be advertisements that are displayed in local businesses, you can include them in a mailing or use them as rate cards for seasonal rates or offers.  Rack Cards can be printed on many different paper choices and in one or two color versions as well as full color printing.  These can be printed on one side or both sides and can have UV or Aqueous Coatings added.  This is a great way to get your message out to the public or to local area visitors.  Rack Cards are a very affordable advertising method for any size business.       

  Door Knob Hangers                       
If you are canvasing a particular neighborhood to advertise your business or just need to leave a message after your visit, you can set yourself apart from your competition by using Door Knob Hangers.  These die cut hangers can be placed around the door knob on the front door and won't blow away in the wind.  Your customers will appreciate the fact that you use door knob hangers instead of leaving a loose piece of paper stuck their door that could blow away and litter their neighborhood.  Door Knob Hangers are available in several sizes, colors and printing methods.        

Flyers and Catalogue Sheets                  
Flyers and Catalogue Sheets are a perfect way to advertise your business, event or to put special emphasis on one or two of your products.  These work well as trade show handouts as well and give your customers something to take with them to remember your company or product.  We can print Flyers and Catalogue Sheets in just about any size that you need.  These can be printed on a variety of paper choices and in single color or full color to meet your advertising needs.      
Folded Brochures

Folded Brochures are the perfect way to tell your full story to your clients or to accurately describe a product or service that you offer.  We can print your brochure in many different folded configurations.  These can be printed on a variety of different paper selections and in full color or as simple as black ink on both sides on a colored paper stock.  Folded Brochures are effective advertising for any size business and can be used in many different ways.  Your clients will be more likely to use your service when you hand them a professional looking brochure.  This is an easy way to set your company apart from your competition.         
 Multi Page Booklets and Catalogues
Multi Page Booklets and Catalogues are a perfect way to highlight your complete product line or showcase multiple aspects about your company services.  This work great for complete pricing guides as well as technical manuals that need full illustrations.  There are many reasons to print multiple page booklets and catalogues and we can print these for your company in booklets up to 64 pages.         

Presentation Folders

You will be proud to distribute your company's printed materials when you use Presentation Folders.  Whether you use them for conference handouts, product literature, business proposals, or press kits, Presentation Folders will serve to promote and enhance the professional image of your company.  Several different paper option are available and you can have a single pocket on either side or pockets on both sides.  We have a variety of different types of business card slits available as well.  These can be printed on one side or both sides and can be foil stamped or embossed.       


In the office, at the store, for a party or as a leave behind, labels are the perfect way to send a message out to the world - especially when you'r not there.  We can help you pick the perfect label for your needs.  With lots of stock sizes and color selections we can create a label for just about any situation. Labels are available in gloss, matte, clear, metallic colors, fluorescent and even static cling and can be printed in up to 3 standard colors or in full color.        
Rubber Stamps

      If you find yourself writing the same thing over and over again, you can save time and money by using rubber stamps.  Self inking stamps are perfect for stamping large quantities of documents such as bank endorsements, signitures, addresses or inspections.  If your usage is low or you prefer to use multiple ink colors you may want the more traditional handle mount rubber stamp.  Let us know your needs and we can help you get the perfect stamp for your needs.  We can even supply you with replacement inks.
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